Our Story

Nowadays consumers want to express themselves through fashion and design whilst choosing a more sustainable lifestyle. So in 2019, Loose Goose Clothing was established by Bhupinder Mann and Karl Akers to represent individuals that take chances, are out of the box thinkers and achieve anything that they set their minds on. The brand could also identify with people that have a more mischievous side to them as well.  

We have always valued comfort above formality, so the Loose Goose Clothing range was designed to make you not only feel great but to look great too. Subsequently, we created casual clothing that is highly versatile. So whether you are running errands, catching flights or sofa lounging, you wouldn’t want to wear anything else but our clothing collection this season!

Whilst only using quality garments, our aim was not to overcomplicate our brand but to keep the range simple, to ensure that it withstands the test of time within the ever-growing fashion industry.

The high quality fabrics we carefully select, means all of our products are highly durable. This offers environmental benefits with our products,  We want to minimise our impact on the planet, and so our principle is to produce small runs of products which will stand the test of time.

With that in mind, the Loose Goose Clothing brand stands with confidence that every purchase you make through us is the right one!

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